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  • Compatible with any web to print product
  • Unlimited custom products
  • Fonts manager
  • Cliparts manager
  • PNG and JPG outputs
  • Image filters (black and white, sepia and so on...)
  • Translation ready



  • Every free feature
  • Templates
  • Save for later
  • SVG colors editor
  • Social media integration
  • Custom files uploads
  • Uploads minimum required dimensions
  • Custom pricing rules
  • Custom output file resolution (up to 300dpi outputs)
  • Print ready files with crop marks and safe, trim and bleed zones
  • Custom TTF fonts support
  • Watermarks on every output
  • SVG and PDF outputs
  • Advanced Design Pricing
Total:  $ 180
Allada:  $ 60
Theme Porto-Novo:  $ 60
Custom product setup:  $ 60

Our Porto-Novo theme is fully compatible with our product designers and includes all the demo data ready to be imported into your installation.
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Total:  $ 180
Allada:  $ 60
Theme Porto-Novo:  $ 60
Custom product setup:  $ 60

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Frequently asked questions

Is it a subscription?

Yes and no.
If you are paying for a year, it is a subscription of $69 per year. Once your payment period expires, the plugin will stop working and you will not be able to get upgrades or support unless you purchase a support extension or renew your license.
Each payment gives you a full year of free support, ensured compatibility with WooCommerce and WordPress via updates.

On the other hand, you have the option to pay a lifetime fee of $299. The plugin works and you will receive upgrades and support endlessly. The upgrades will ensure continued compatibility with WooCommerce and WordPress.

What happens once I cancel my subscription?

Your license will be immediately cancelled and your version of the configurator will stop working. Your data stored on your site will be left untouched but your customers won’t be able to configure products anymore.

On how many sites can the plugin be installed?

Each license is only valid for one site and one site only.

What do you mean by a "site"?

A “site” refers to one woocommerce store on which you can use the Visual Product Configurator plugin.

Are plugin updates available?

Yes every time a new version of the plugin is available, you’ll get a notification in your site dashboard and be able to upgrade from there.

Is support available?

Yes! Since quality customer support is essential and of high importance to any best-selling product, we do our very best to resolve our customers issues by our live chat available on the lower right side on your screen.

However, our support service does not cover support/help in situations where the core plugin files have been in any way modified by any party other than Orion Origin (us) itself.

How does the configurator work?

Just like Photoshop, the plug-in uses preset layers that are linked to configuration options to alter the view of the product based on the selected options. Learn more

NB: By default, the plug-in loads the configurator outside of the product page. Not directly on the product page. You can explore other options like the shortcode feature  to display the configurator on whatever page and underneath the product image if the shortcode is added to the product description.