What’s included in Allada?

Designed for woocommerce custom t-shirts stores

Allada, our is designed for custom t-shirt businesses only. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tshirts data from popular brands included

Don’t spend days to search for t-shirts brands and pictures. Allada comes with custom t-shirts data and pictures from the most popular t-shirt references from the top brands so you can be ready to go within a day!

Extensive fonts collection

Fonts make a product designer Allada comes with multiple fonts designed for custom t-shirts design. If you want more you can add your own google fonts, true type (TTF) or Open type (OTF) font files to extend the default collection. Feel free to set up a price for each font to increase the customer design cost anytime a priced font is used.

Beautiful clipart library

The most beautiful cliparts collections in any t-shirt customizer tool out there. We spent +1000 hours searching, categorizing and organizing the most astonishing cliparts collection in Allada. Easily add your own and set an additional price to the final design every time a customer uses them.

Social media integration

Harness the power of social media by allowing your clients to
a- Share their designs on facebook, instagram, twitter and so on in order to bring you more customers.
b- Encourage social sharing by setting up discounts for any social share (just like airbnb credits)

Teams orders

Single orders are great. Teams orders are better. With Allada you can enable teams orders from your customers and set up the fonts that can be used for the team feature. You can also set additional prices if the customer enables the numbers only, the names only or both.

Design templates

Share your creativity with your customers. The first reason people buy t-shirts is because of their love for the designs. But not everyone is inspired enough to create a t-shirt from scratch prior to purchase. That’s why Allada integrates a template design feature which allows you to create or upload designs ready to be used by the customers when they customize a t-shirt.

Availability table

Make it easy for everyone to check in stock, stocked on demand, out of stock or discontinued products. With Allada, your customers can make sure product variants are always in stock by checking their availability especially those ordered on demand.

Dynamic pricing

Price your customers according to their designs. There is a wide variety of printing options and techniques. Allada brings multiple pricing options such as the type and brand of the t-shirt, printing techniques,number of colors and so on. Discounts can also be set up based on the purchased quantities, customer’s previous orders, bogo deals, free gifts and so on using our dynamic discount plugin.

Print ready outputs

With perfect outputs comes great peace. Setup your pictures uploads requirements and get quality designs from your clients, ready to be printed. The original files uploaded, the texts and clipart used on each custom t-shirt design are also available along with each order files.

Social sharing

Harness the power of social medias. Use social media to bring more customers in by allowing your clients to share their designs on Facebook, Pinterest, standard emails and so on.

Printing fulfillment integrations

No printing infrastructure? No worries. There are great printing fulfillment companies such as Printful,that Allada is fully compatible with. Each order can be manually or automatically sent for printing to Printful. That way, your custom t-shirt business can be on full autopilot mode if you want.

Translation ready

Easily edit or translate any string in Allada. It does not matter if your customers are french, american or british, Allada can be easily translated in any language and is perfectly compatible with any multilingual plugin such as WPML, qTranslate X, GTranslate, TranslatePress – Multilingual, MultilingualPress.

Customizable on request

Do you need specific features that are not included in the original version? No worries, we have a customization team ready to tailor our custom t-shirt designer for woocommerce based on your needs.

Handpicked woocommerce developers to manage your store

We can provide dedicated agents not only to help in setting up the site but also take care of every technical aspect needed from domain name registration and server management to plugins deployment and site maintenance. This will allow the client to focus on bringing the customer in while we focus on keeping the infrastructure functional at it’s best.